Maksimarket Café in Paide

The café in Paide Maksimarket has 40 seats. You can enter the café through a separate door without having to go through the shopping centre.

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  • Eve K Eve K
    Light lunch with family of 6

    Small take away place, quick and easy. The place is suitable for quick lunch break. You have to go through clothes shop to get there. Small kids can play in kids corner.

  • Tadhg Ó Tadhg Ó

    Look, if you find yourself stranded on the upstairs section of Maksimarket, you're on the brink of starvation, the elevator is broken and the stairs are blocked by a mob of pitchfork wielding...

  • Minna E Minna E
    Maksi Marketin yläkerta

    Helposti havaittava paikka Paidea sivuavan tien ääressä. Marketista samalla helppo täydentää matkalla tarvittavaa valikoimaa. Edullista ruokaa kahviossa.

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