Manija Island, also known as Manilaid

Next to Kihnu, it's the second biggest island in Pärnu County. Manija is 4.5km in length and extends no more than 0.5km in it's widest place. During big storms and high waters the island is divided into three. Islands natural values include natural growth areas of rare plants, coastal meadows filled with the cries of water fowl, and the magnificent choirs of natterjacks. Since 1991 the island has also been a nature reserve. Good to know: In the 19th century the island served as pasture for mainland Pootsi manor. In 1933, when Kihnu island became too small for it's people, 22 families from Kihnu inhabited Manija island. Today it has 14 households with 48 inhabitants living on the island, and only one tourist farm to accommodate the guests.

Features and amenities
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