Source: Helve Kesvatera

Männi Farm smoke sauna

A smoke sauna is a true 'back to nature' experience, from its stone hearth to the birch twigs you cleanse your skin with. There is no smoke in the sauna while you're in it, as by then it has already heated up. Warm and cool water is provided as in the olden days - there is no shower or toilet in the building. You can run down and jump into the pond in just a couple of minutes.

The farm's renovated smoke sauna building is a log structure around 100 years old. It has the sauna itself plus an entrance way and two party and recreation rooms which seat up to 30 people. There is also a fireplace. The space is ideal for parties, weddings and other events. You can bring your own food or have the farmer's wife cater for you.

Features and amenities
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