Source: Marko Järvis

Meeksi Church, St. John's Rock and the Silmaallikas Spring

The Miikse (Meeksi) Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist was built in 1952 on the site of an old church. The church was built on the initiative of the congregation. There is a cemetery beside the church. 

The name day of the church, its most important holiday, is on St. John's Day according to the old calendar, July 7th. 

According to legend, St. John the Baptist once sat down to rest his feet on St. John's rock on the shore of the Miikse creek near the church. Even today, people believe in the miraculous powers of the rock, and people bring those who are ill to the rock or place an injured or painful hand or foot against the rock. The water of the creek and of the clear spring that flows from the shore, the so-called Silmaallikas or Eye's Spring, is also said to have healing powers.                    

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