Memorial to A. H. Tammsaare

This memorial, completed to mark the 100th birthday of beloved national author A. H. Tammsaare (1878-1940), is situated in Tammsaare park in central Tallinn. The writer is depicted in a pensive mood sitting on a bench. In choosing the location of the memorial, the authorities bore in mind that the New Market that once stood where the park is today was a favourite spot of the author's, where he loved to observe people. The memorial was designed by sculptor Jaak Soans and architect Rein Luup.

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  • KristinaMaria777 KristinaMaria777
    A.H. Tammsaare

    Famous and very nice monument to Estonian writer located in the city center. When it is very hot in summer you can cool down near the monument as it is located in the shadow. :)

  • valentina20022016 valentina20022016
    Эстонский Лев Толстой

    Если вы не живете в Эстонии, то имя Антона- Хансен Таммсааре вам, наверное, ничего не скажет? И напрасно! Гуляя в парке имени классика эстонской литературы, обязательно подойдите к памятнику и...


    タリン新市街にある「タムッサーレ公園」の中央付近に、存在感のある銅像があります。 気になって写真を何枚かとりました! エストニアのタムッサーレという作家の方の記念碑なのだそうです!

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