Monument to the Night Battle of Tehumardi

The Night Battle of Tehumardi took place in the late hours of 8 October 1944, and it was one of the bloodiest battles of World War II that took place in Saaremaa. The battle was fought between Soviet troops making their way towards Sõrve peninsula and a German convoy that was retreating from Kuressaare.
Occasionally, the bloody battle turned into hand combat; both sides suffered heavy losses.

Good to know: In memory of the dead, a monument was erected – it has the shape of a sword bearing depictions of male faces.


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  • mikeedeedee mikeedeedee

    Difficult to rate Russian war monument

    We always find it difficult to review war monuments due to the sensitivities involved and in this case, the fact that the second world war is still relatively recent history. We are sorry to say that...

  • Saba L Saba L

    Brutal war theatre

    As a "mainland"- estonian myself I have been in this place couple of times. I`m "into" history and I get chills whenever I drive past this freaking place. Sad, that soviet time wiped out all memory...

  • Martins V Martins V

    Monument of Soviet ocupants

    It is hard to miss this monument when you drive to see beautifull view near Saare lighthouse, but it is not worthwhile to waste the time to see brutal monument of brutal and horrible Soviet communist...

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