Museum Café opens in the Maiden's Tower (Neitsitorn)

25. July 2013

The magic gates of the three story Maiden Tower museum's café’s opened for guests.

The café is situated on the Maiden's Tower's top three floor. An animated show on the first floor will give you an idea of the structure and history of the area. In the near future a virtual tour will also allow people with a disability to get to know the tower.

An exhibition “Look into the bottle” opened in the basement of the Maiden's Tower, with exhibits from the City Museum's glass collection. 

The Maiden's Tower is a part of south westerly defence system of Medieval Tallinn founded in the 14th  Century when the Town Wall was extended.

The building was damaged in the Livonia War 1558-1583 and at the beginning of the 19th Century it was used as a dwelling. Artists Kristjan and Paul Raud worked here and after World War II top architect Karl Burman lived on the second floor for decades.

The Maiden's Tower and the adjacent section of the city wall were significantly restored in the 1960s and 1970s.An Extra one and a half floors were added on top of the tower and a large glass wall was built which opened views to the Old Town. In 1981 the Maiden's Tower launched its extremely popular café. The tower was closed in 2004 and restoration of the building started in 2011 as the building moved under the administration of Tallinn City Museum.

The Maiden Tower's museum café is open every day, except national holidays, from 10:30 am to 10 pm. The museum's information floor and exhibition are open from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. Entrance  to both the café and the tower is 3 Euros during the summer and 2 Euros during winter season.

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