Narva Castle

The Narva Castle is one of the main attractions of the city. In the seventh decade of the 13th century, the Danes established a castle as a residence for the Danish King’s vice-Regent. The Narva Castle is the most diverse and best preserved defence structure in Estonia. The area of the castle is 3.2 hectares, and the highest point is the Tall Hermann Tower (51 metres). Today you can visit the museum in the castle, were the displays explain the history of Narva and the castle. There are handicraft workshops in the northern courtyard, where you can try your hand at various techniques and handicrafts.

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  • prkl08 prkl08
    Piece of history #2

    One more place to really feel the history. With a guide or information from a local this experience becomes even better. Really knowing what happened long long time ago, makes you respect and...

  • nigueu nigueu
    Another must see in Narva

    I liked this place, maybe because I have this interest of historical things. Also interesting to see the architecture and the wiews to other side of river Narva. If you're in Narva, take some time...

  • jacyra jacyra
    Wonderful view

    Very nice place with two castles, onde in Russian and the other in Estonian. The view is wonderful. I recomend a stop when traveling between the 2 countries.

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