Narva River

Narva River marks the north-eastern border of Estonia. It flows from Vasknarva Castle on Lake Peipsi out into the Gulf of Finland. 

The river is divided in two by Kreenholm Island. Both branches of the river are home to cascades, which are filled with water once a year - the perfect time to enjoy a true aquatic spectacle. In terms of amount of water, the Narva River is ranked second behind the Neeva River of those that have their mouth in the Gulf of Finland, and it is ranked first in Estonia. Near Jaamaküla it forms what are known as the Jaamaküla meadows for its many branches and channels.

Did you know...?
*The total area of the Narva River catchment area is 56,200 square km and takes in all of the rivers that flow into Lakes Peipus and Võrtsjärv.

Features and amenities
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