Narva river promenade enchants with historical atmosphere and breathtaking view

14. March 2014

In February, a newly restored river promenade was opened in the most eastern town of Estonia Narva.

When walking along the river promenade, opens a picturesque view to the other side of the river Narva where Russian city of Ivangorod is situated. The view is not only beautiful but also unique: Narva is the only place in Estonia where Russian can be seen.

The river promenade begins at the threshold of Narva’s oldest park called “Pimeaed”, which became a popular spot for walking and promenading already in 1863, when the bastions of Victoria and Pax were handed to the city authorities who there and then decided to built the “Pimeaed” park on the premises.

In the near future, the Narva river promenade is to grow in length and width; the promenade is intended to reach 976 metres in length. By the summer of 2014, the promenade area will also include Rootsi Lõvide (Swedish Lions) terrace, Päikese väljak (Sun Square) and Dahlberg’s stage.

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