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National Awakening Tour

1. Carl Robert Jakobson Monument 2. The Farm Museum of C.R. Jakobson at Kurgja 3. Lydia Koidula Memorial Museum 4. Lydia Koidula monument

  • 1 day
  • 4 sites
  • 205 km

This South Estonia culture tour introduces the national awakening of Estonia. The trip begins with visiting the Tartu Song Festival Museum, which tells the story of the origins of the Estonian song festival tradition and national theatre.

The museum of Carl Robert Jakobson, one of the most important people during the awakening is in Kurgja in his home farm, where you will also see the farm life of 19th century Estonia. In the museum of Lydia Koidula, a well-known poetess, journalist and public figure during the national awakening, you will learn about her activities and also see the typical town school and home of the 19th century.

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Carl Robert Jakobson Monument


Carl Robert Jakobson was one the most important public figures during the Estonian Period of Awakening as well as a columnist, writer, teacher and founder of the Viljandi County newspaper 'Sakala…

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The Farm Museum of C.R. Jakobson at Kurgja


In the museum, you can learn about the life and work of Carl Robert Jakobson, who played a leading role during the times of Estonian national awakening in the 19th century, and the farm he…

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Lydia Koidula Memorial Museum


Lydia Koidula (1843–1886) was a famous poetess and publicist during the national awakening of Estonia who spent her youth in Pärnu. The memorial museum works in the house that was her home from 1850…

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Lydia Koidula monument


Koidula park in the Pärnu centre is one of the most loved parks in the town, you can enjoy the beauty of flowers and the babbling of fountains. Lydia Koidula (1843-1886) was known poetess, publicist…

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