Nature Barge Sets Sail

18. April 2011

In the morning of April 14 in Kärevere, the barge Jõmmu kicked off a series of by now traditional high water trips that will take place till mid-May.

The Emajõe boating society will use the profits from the trips to cover the cost sharing for a project geared towards developing the methods for rafting meadow hay.

On these high water trips, people will be able to witness one of nature's great spectacles - a heavy flood on the impressive meadows flanking the Emajõgi River. Dotted by oxbow lakes, they are a paradise for fish and fowl. In actual fact, these meadows are semi-natural biomes, and humans play an important role in their creation and maintenance, as they must be mown regularly and the hay be removed.

Today, transporting the mown hay away has become one of the biggest challenges facing the conservationists charged with maintaining these meadows. In order to find a solution to this problem, the Emajõe boating society launched a project geared towards developing the methods for rafting meadow hay. The project is co-funded by the Environmental Investment Centre and everyone participating in the Nature Barge high water trips will be contributing to the success of it, and thereby also to the maintenance of these meadows.

The Nature Barge trips are a unique series of events in Estonia that are meant to educate people about the nature in the areas that are inaccessible by land. The trips take place from spring to autumn in the area around the Emajõgi River, Lake Võrtsjärv, and Lake Peipsi. The topics of the trips vary depending on the season.