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The city centre lives and breathes to its own rhythm, and just a short walk away, on the edge of Hirve Park, is our restaurant - Neikid.

Working in our kitchen are people who are full of emotions, who do what they do in creating their landscape of flavours proceeding from well-known routes and encounters. Our basic idea is to hold a simple line in order to accentuate light and clean tastes. We will be exceptionally happy if the carefree atmosphere of the kitchen reaches you – so that you too get the chance to enjoy the creations of our cooks, the wines recommended by our sommeliers and the greetings of our staff. And the way things are at the moment is without doubt not the way they'll stay – we're continuously striving for new tastes and experiences!


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  • Scorik Scorik

    Good for summer visit

    This place surprised me. The food was perfect. I tried chicken in curry, beef in cream sauce, coos coos and pork in tomato sauce with parmesan. The prices for main dishes only 8-10 Euros (still can't...

  • OnaBud OnaBud

    Lovely place with super nice staff

    It's a cute cozy place and the staff is very nice with perfect english. I only had soup which i enjoyed very much. Maybe slightly pricey, but worth it.

  • Riccardo S Riccardo S

    Good quality food at affordable price

    The restaurant stays outside the old town and I discovered it just because I gave to the taxi driver a wrong address. Design of the restaurant is simple, people is kind and the menu doesn't offer so...

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