Old Town Days Ascend to Towers This Year

31. May 2013

Tallinn's annual Old Town Days start this Saturday and will feature over 550 events over the course of a week.

Organizers are focusing on ancient towers this year, which are scattered across the historic district. Most will be opened to the public to climb, the organizers said. Perhaps the most famous tower is located at Town Hall Square, home to the symbolic Old Thomas.

Some towers will host exhibitions such as the Bremen tower's prison installation or a photo exhibition of former president Lennart Meri in the Hermann tower.

The event officially opens with a concert at 20:00 at Town Hall Square, where Carl Orff's dramatic “Carmina Burana” will be performed by the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.

As in previous Old Town Days, days are categorized into themes: June 1 - Children's Day, June 2 - Church Day, June 3 - Health Day, June 4 - Traditions Day, June 5 - Museums Day, June 6 - Theaters Day, June 7 - Music Day and June 8 - Medieval Day.

The list of events can be seen here.