Estonian Air is the most punctual airline in Brussels

02. May 2011

On the ceremony of Aviation Awards hosted by Brussels Airport airlines were recognized for their exceptional performance in 2010. Estonian Air was recognized as the most punctual airline, which is already the second of this kind of international award.

Brussels Airport has been presenting the annual punctuality award already for a fourth year to highlight the importance of in time departure of flights. The punctuality on regional, short haul and long haul flights were assessed separately and Estonian Air was competing among short haul airlines. Brussels Airport is serving around 80 airlines from different regions of the world.
“Departure and arrival punctuality is one of the key quality indicators of airlines and very important aspect for time valuing travellers. Being the most punctual among big international airlines and providing excellent services is the approach the whole Estonian Air team is striving to,” says Rauno Parras, Estonian Air Vice President Commercial.
Last year Estonian Air was nominated as the most punctual airline in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which is serving more than 100 airlines.