Night of the Museums will be celebrated on May 19

09. May 2012

In Estonia the Night of the Museums will be celebrated on May 19, when more than two hundred museums, archives, galleries and manor-houses, also windmills and churches are open for visitors from 6 p.m to11 p.m or later free of charge. See the involved museums from

As Estonian Film Centennial is celebrated in 2012 also the Museum Night is dedicated to our national film – “Cinema at Night”.  Year 2012 is dedicated to Estonian film all over Estonia, and as the history of our film-making is closely connected to museums, the centennial is jointly celebrated.

The first film was screened in Estonia, in Tallinn, already in 1896 in the 15th century Great Guild Hall. Today, the Great Guild Hall houses the Estonian History Museum and thus is the oldest contact between film and museum in Estonia and also a good reason to celebrate the Museum Night in this very particular hall.

The Estonian film was born in 1912, when Estonian National Museum commissioned a young photographer – Johannes Pääsuke, to film the flight of Utothckin on his peculiar flying-machine in Tartu. This very event gives the reason to the Jubilee Year of Estonian National Film.

In Estonia museums and other memory institutions celebrate the Museum Night for the fourth year whereas elsewhere in Europe it takes place for the 8th time.

Estonian Museums wishes happy birthday to Estonian Film and hopes to celebrate the jubilee with the biggest number of films and the biggest number of audience within one night