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NIPERNAADI, the eternal wanderer and dreamer, greets visitors and boldly raises his hat in the Säde park. Look at the sole of his raised travelling boot and you'll see adventurous roads awaiting for you. If you manage to polish even the smallest part of it you will always have good luck accompanying your travels. Look into his eyes and you'll start dreaming, too. If you happen to meet his eyes for a bit longer your longing will be filled with something beautiful and unusual. Wave him as you leave and adventures will follow.

NIPERNAADI, a vigorous bronze sculpture inspired by the protagonist of the novel "Toomas Nipernaadi" by August Gailit is anxious to meet you.

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  • Piia E Piia E
    I love this figure

    This is most joyful statue. I love this. This makes smile when you can see such happy person figure. This is at the park, this is beautiful and peaceful place. Very beautiful!

  • Papudrakus Papudrakus
    The most happy monument in Estonia

    Estonian are shy and calm, so this monument looks so different. Toomas Nipernaadi is a character from the books, someone like Casanova in Estonian type, but fake one. By this monument I started to...

  • Liza P Liza P
    Потрите и желания сбудутся!!

    Эта скульптура веселого и улыбчивого человека, она была сделана для того чтоб путешественники , которые приехали в такой маленький город могли загадать желание и оно сбылось!!

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