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North Estonia Open Air Museums

1. Estonian Open Air Museum 2. Viimsi Open Air Museum 3. Museum of Coastal Folk 4. Palmse Manor and Open-Air Museum

  • 2 days
  • 4 sites
  • 103 km

The Estonian Open Air Museum is in Tallinn, in the picturesque Rocca al Mare, just 15 minutes from the centre of Tallinn. Here you'll see the largest collection of national architecture in Estonia which consists of 72 old village structures: wooden windmills, school house, farms, barns and fire station among other.

On the Viimsi peninsula, just a 30 minute drive away, you can visit the Museum of Coastal Folk and the Viimsi Open Air Museum, which introduce the traditional life of the coastal folk. Both are in the Pringi village.

Palmse manor ensemble is about a one hour drive from Tallinn with its beautiful park and gardens.  

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Estonian Open Air Museum


Just 15 minutes from the city centre of Tallinn is the Estonian Open Air Museum, showcasing the country's rural architecture and way of life. The 12 farms in the museum provide an overview of how…

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Viimsi Open Air Museum


Come and see an authentic and historical coastal village for yourself! The main part of Viimsi Open Air Museum is the historical Kingu farmyard: a farmhouse (with a barn) from the 1820s, a dwelling…

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Museum of Coastal Folk


The Museum of Coastal Folk is situated in the old coastal village of Pringi in Viimsi. Here, in a cosy old schoolhouse where the museum has found its home, the harmony of the convergence of land, sea…

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Palmse Manor and Open-Air Museum


Palmse Manor is one of the grandest baroque mansions in Estonia. The mansion and open-air museum were the first fully restored manor complex in the country. They are surrounded by the beautiful…

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