Nõva RMK Recreation Area and Landscape Protection Area

Nõva recreation and protection area on the lowland in the West of Estonia was established to protect the coastal landscapes and plant communities. It encompasses vast bog plains, forest massifs and sand beaches. The lakes around Peraküla are surrounded by 5-metre high coastal dunes. White water lilies and great fen-sedge grow on the lakes. The coastal area enchants those interested in enjoying beach pleasures and surfing. The forests are full of bilberries, lingonberries and mushrooms. There is an information desk, outdoor fireplace and camping sites in the recreation area. Useful information: there are many boulders, among others breccia boulders originating from Neugrund meteorite crater. Keibu bay and Põõsaspea cape are the favourite spots of the birdwatchers.

Features and amenities

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