This longer runway, with its new asphalt coating, means it’s now possible to land 110-seater Boeings for the first time. In the winter season, planes will fly only to Tallinn and Ruhnu, but from the beginning of summer there will be much more traffic on the runway. From the end of April Estonian Air will start flying from Stockholm to Kuressaare. From May onwards, Matka-Vekka OY will be providing charter flights between Kuressaare and various cities in Finland. In early summer and autumn, Matka-Vekka will offer a total of 12 flights between Saaremaa and our northern neighbours. This year, for the first time, there will be flights available between Saaremaa and our eastern neighbours too. In May, the Grand Rose Spa Hotel and Viimsi Spa Tervis will be offering return charter flights between Tallinn, Saint Petersburg and Kuressaare. So there is now an alternative to long journeys by car, ferry and boat to get to Saaremaa. You can now also travel to Saaremaa on one of our new airlines! For more details visit: