Lounge 24

The stylish Lounge 24 is to be found on the top floor of Radisson SAS hotel. This place is foremost to be remembered for it's unique view on the whole of Tallinn, exiting cocktails and delicious desserts can be enjoyed as well.

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  • Alex P Alex P
    High standard posh cafe with one of the most exciting views over Tallinn

    Have visited this place a lot. Whenever a traveler comes abroad I would show them this place. Mostly these are either my friends or visitors from Couchsurfing platform.

  • vibran vibran
    Nice views and good drinks

    This is a nice place to visit for a drink or two, especially if you stay in the hotel. The staff are great and the drinks are good (I had a Margarita and a Negroni). The view is very nice, in...

  • Chirpy_dragon Chirpy_dragon
    Amazing view, pleasant atmosphere

    This Lounge 24 is on top of the hotel and since it is quite a tall building the view from there is just spectacular. I can recommend to stay there in time of sunset and enjoy the panorama. If with...

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