Town Hall Pharmacy

Town Hall Pharmacy (Raeapteek) is the oldest in Europe that has continually operated in the same premises. It was first mentioned in town records in 1422, when an apothecary by the name of Nyclawes was summoned to a session of the town's rulers; however, he was at least the third apothecary to have served Tallinn...

In addition to selling modern pharmaceuticals, the pharmacy also sells mementos of times past.

Perhaps you'd like a bottle of claret...?

Make sure you explore the back room, where you will find an exhibition on medicines and the pharmacy's stocks from the 17th to the 20th centuries.
The most famous of herbs and their history are displayed in the museum.
In the basement, you can test various herbal tea blends, picked from local fields.
Younger apothecaries can try being apprentices and fulfil the same tasks as in the olden days.


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  • Gabrielė B Gabrielė B

    All pharmacist must see!

    I've visited this cosy pharmacy few days ago. Exhibition isn't very big, but the most important thing is that you are able to feel the spirit of the pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Pharmacies...

  • Helen H Helen H

    Scorched Hedgehog anyone?

    Located in the main square this pharmacy has a host of medical curiosities, bottles and medicines. With some rather odd things in jars, toads, worms, hedgehogs etc. While you are there you can pick...

  • jonti14 jonti14

    Oldest Aphoteka in Europe

    The Raeapteek is the oldest pharmacy in Europe that has continuously been in business in the same building. The exact opening date is not known, but it becomes evident from the documents of the town...

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