Estonian Theatre and Music Museum

At the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum you can see musical instruments made by local master craftsmen, as well as those made outside Estonia. Along with pianos, home organs, and other orchestral and folk instruments, the automated musical instruments are the most popular exhibits. Thematic exhibitions are displayed in the museum’s stairwell.

We also organise interesting events: poetry and theme nights, concerts and performances, book and album presentations. You'll find the most current information about our events from our homepage.

We offer different educational programs for schools. Music students can organise concerts in our beautiful hall with a blue ceiling.


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  • Elana E Elana E

    Easy to navigate and highly informative

    Spend a quiet hour here (there's a hands-on floor that is a kid-friendly space), and be amazed at how much you'll learn about the history of music and theatre in Estonia. A lot of national pride on...

  • abc2015 abc2015

    Nice little museum

    This museum was near our hotel and I like Theatre so we gave it a try. It was quite cheap to get in and although it was small it was modern. All the displays were in English as well as Estonian. On...

  • aliq123 aliq123

    See and listen to real music boxes

    This museum is not very popular, but enormously interesting , especially for families with children. The main attraction there is a collection of music boxes and mechanical instruments. Almost all...

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