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Observation tower on Suur Munamägi (Big Egg Hill)

Suur Munamägi, 318 metres from the sea level, is the highest point of the Baltics. The observation tower on Suur Munamägi provides its visitors with a splendid 50 km range view of the Estonian nature.

The current tower, the sixth in line, was constructed in 1939, and reconstructed in 1969. A total of 29.1 metres in height, it was renovated once more in 2005 and an elevator was built into the back of the tower. 

Interesting facts:
A person standing on top of the tower is standing 346.7 metres above the sea level;
The first tower was built in 1812.

The height of Suur Munamägi makes it one of the most important national symbols of Estonia.

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  • Jan R Jan R
    Amazing vista!

    It's a bit expensive but definitely worth paying. A short uphill walking from the parking lot with thousands of mosquitos makes the visit a perfect one.

  • KentFamilyOnHoliday KentFamilyOnHoliday
    got to do it

    Not really very high. Not a lot else to say really. Quite a few steps up, and the tower has a lift as well as as stairs. Go to the cafe at the bottom Suur Muna. Really lovely.

  • alexvidal11 alexvidal11
    Essential for seeing the views

    Tower situated on the peak of the highest mountain of the Baltics. The high of the mountain is 318m. It is worth it to pay the entrance of the tower, since you can observe the views much better. The...

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