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Ontika Limestone cliff

This is the location of Estonia’s highest limestone cliff, the Ontika cliff. Approximately 55 metres high - the cliffs are almost like a stone book, opening to the viewer to reveal the layers of its various eras.

A nearby observation platform, built close to the Valaste cascase, is the best place to view the cliff. Visitors to the area are also able to take a hike along the coastal hiking trail to discover the limestone cliff's unique forest.

Did you know...?: The Ontika Limestone cliff is the highest section of the over-1,100 km-long Baltic limestone bank that starts on Sweden's Island of Öland and ends in Russia near Lake Ladoga. The longest uninterrupted portion of the limestone cliff runs 23 straight kilometres, from the Village of Saka to the vicinity of Toila.

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  • Blumit Blumit
    Breathtaking view

    There is a road going miles along the coastline just a few feet from the cliff. Apparently over the years the nature has done its job and eroded enough of the cliff closing the gap between the road...

  • _alladmitrievna _alladmitrievna

    It was pouring raining at that moment, so i couldn't get out of the car. My friend has told me that the site is under construction anyway. She also mentioned that the spot has some magic healing...

  • GreteSmiles GreteSmiles
    Beautiful, especially in winter!

    Ontika Limestone Cliff is one of the places where Estonian primary school students usually have their school excursions to. It's the country's highest limestone cliff (55m) but actually the whole...

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