Opera night "Mozart and Salieri". "The Impresario" ("Mozart ja Salieri". "Teatridirektor")

Nikolai Rimsky­-Korsakov

Only a few months after the death of the distinguished court musician Antonio Salieri, rumour spread that Salieri had admitted to poisoning Mozart. It inspired the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin to pen one of his “little tragedies” – a tale of sin and jealousy. In 1898, Rimsky-Korsakov completed an opera by the same name.
Salieri: “He brings us, like a cherub, certain songs of paradise, and afterwards, when he has roused in us a wingless longing, flies away! So fly away! The sooner you do, the better!”

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart wrote this entertaining comedy about life in the theatre in 1786. The work is notable in that conventional dramatic roles are just as important as the opera singers.
A troupe is being formed in a theatre. Everyone wants only the starring role and the highest honorarium for themselves. How does the theatre director, Frank, solve the problem?

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Tartu, Teater Vanemuine, väike maja, Tartu

Mozart and Salieri. The Impresario (Mozart ja Salieri. Teatridirektor)

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