Source: Anett Ruven

Osmussaare Landscape Protection Area

The island of Osmussaare is geologically an exciting island. The most interesting place is the 8-metre high shore in the north coast which forms a part of the 1200-kilometre long Baltic clint. On the west coast you will see the biggest fields of shingle in Estonia. Both on the island and in the sea there are many gneiss breccias which were created almost 540 million years ago when Neugund meteorite fell into the sea near Osmussaare. The island is characterised by its abundance of species in its meadows on the west coast, of protected species the rarest one is Danish Scurvy-grass.
The coast is one of the best viewing spots for following the migration of arctic waterfowl. The best time for birdwatchers is April and May and in autumn, September and October.

Features and amenities
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