Otepää St Mary’s Lutheran Church

Otepää St Mary's Lutheran Church is one of the 21 places in Southern Estonia worth discovering that are marked by a yellow National Geographic window; all those interested in culture and history should definitely pay a visit.

Otepää St Mary's Lutheran Church is historically connected to the national flag of Estonia. The blue, black and white flag of the Estonian Student Union, which later became the national flag and in 1991 the official flag of the state of Estonia, was consecrated in the rectory of the church on 4 June, 1884.

The church has a neo-gothic altarpiece "Christ on the Cross" which dates from 1880, and a Kessler organ from 1853.

In summer, the doors of the church are open to everyone.

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  • Ulla-Maija  L Ulla-Maija L

    The Otepää Church was quite old, but it also was beautiful and cozy. The church was decorated with white flowers, I guess that there was a wedding held there.

  • Kathleen L Kathleen L
    Very pretty Church

    This Church holds a great deal of local significance but unfortunately was not open the day we visited. Some information is posted in English outside.

    Красивый памятник удачное расположение

    Гуляя по Отепя решили подойти к церкви. Она в Отепя одна. К сожалению внутрь не зашли за то после осмотра снаружи смогли прогуляться от нее на холм где по легенде стоял главный замок этого уезда. Эта...

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