Paganamaa Landscape Protection Area

The main sights of the Paganamaa Landscape Protection Area are the deep valley Piiriorg, that separates Haanja upland from the Aluksne upland in Latvia, the chain of lakes and Piirioja Brook, the varied kame relief and kettle holes, ravines and ancient cultural landscape.

The highest peaks in the landscape protection area are hills Raadimägi (176.3 m), Kikkamägi (132.8 m) and Trumbipalo (168.3 m). The chain of lakes is the jewel of Paganamaa: Lakes Kikkajärv (21.4 ha),  Sarapuujärv, Liivajärv and Mudajärv.

Paganamaa (heathen land) is named after the swampy kettle holes that came about in the hollows buried under moraine, where blocks of ice thawed, when the ice sheet withdrew. These kettles are called the devil's graves.

Features and amenities
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