Palamuse O. Luts’s Parish School Museum

Palamuse parish school building and the living quarters for the parish clerk Georg Nieländer were completed in 1837 and the school was open there until 1975. A museum has been open there from 5 January 1987 and it displays the life of a parish school at the end of the 19th century through Oskar Luts’s Spring.

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  • Blumit Blumit
    Brings back memories

    Almost every Estonian has seen the movie "Kevade" (eng. "Spring"). All of it was shot in that school and adjacent buildings. The guide was super knowledgeble and described everything...

  • RomaGroma RomaGroma
    школа из любимой книги

    когда-то в детстве я прочёл повесть Оскара Лутса "Весна", которая мне чрезвычайно понравилась своим задором. Это была первая книга эстонского автора в моей жизни. Оказалось, что приходская школа и...

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