Pärnu Coastal Meadow Protection Area

Coastal meadows and reed thickets line the sandy Pärnu Beach almost to the extent of the entire city. The Pärnu Coastal Meadow Protection area was created in 1958 to protect endangered and rare plant species and communities, coastal meadows, creeks and moving dunes as valuable habitats.
The coastal meadows in Vana-Pärnu and Raeküla districts are the most interesting. The dryer Vana-Pärnu Meadow has been maintained and cut for decades. A bird-watching tower and a small hiking trail were built here in 2008. Come and enjoy pure nature in the midst of the city!

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Kaubasadama tee, Pärnu

Getting there

Drive towards Haapsalu from the bridge in the city centre. After driving across the other, so-called Siimu bridge, turn left from Emajõe Street and Kaubasadama Road will lead you to Vana-Pärnu Beach, the lighthouse and car park.
If you are walking or cycling, you can take the more interesting route along the small streets of Vana-Pärnu – for example, go from Emajõe Street to Luha Street and take Suur-Toome straight to the beach.


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