Pärnu Marina

Pärnu Port at the mouth of the Pärnu River has become one of the biggest marinas in South-Western and Southern Estonia. There are 90 space at the marina, including 30 for visitors.
Useful information: The marina is suitable for vessels whose length does not exceed 16 and draught does not exceed 3 metres. We have customs and passport control, drinking water and power sockets in the quays, toilets, showers and saunas, accommodation and a pub. You can also refuel and have minor repairs done on your yachts. Communication on VHF channel 16, radio call Pärnu Sadam.

The newest building of Pärnu Yacht Club was opened in 2010. There is a fish restaurant, big lobby, sauna and gym on the first floor and a guesthouse on the second. Many historical items of the Yacht Club and items related to sailing have been used in the design. Guests can also try the sailing simulator.

The Yacht Club also organises many world-class regattas and smaller races on Pärnu Bay. Several concerts, jazz nights and quizzes have become a tradition. In the yard you'll find the children's boat "Arabella" and the sculpture of the most legendary Estonian sailor, Kihnu Jõnn.

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Features and amenities
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