Piusa River Ancient Valley landscape reserve

The Piusa River Ancient Valley landscape reserve was established to protect the valley through which the Piusa River flows and its Devonian-period sandstone outcrops. The reserve extends through three municipalities: Meremäe, Vastseliina and Orava. The valley is up to 35 m deep and 300 m wide in places. The water from the river has been used in the past in 11 mills, of which the Kelba, Tamme and Väike-Härma mills remain. The sights of greatest natural value on the reserve are its 12 sandstone outcrops, ranging from 6-44 m in height and 20-130 m long. The tallest are known as the Härma walls. To explore the reserve, we recommend taking the Piusa hiking trail, which is 15 km long.

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  • Kairis129 Kairis129
    Interesting landscape

    The place itself is very beautiful and peaceful and the landscape mesmerizing. Museum has a beautiful design and souvernir options. The tour was 5€ with a great guide, started with a video you can...

  • Liina V Liina V
    While touring in Estonia - visit Piusa also.

    Piusa is far from the capital but if you are touring in Estonia in the summertime then visit Piusa also. Yes, you can see some part of the caves and not wonder in there alone because it is not safe...

  • Piia E Piia E
    Nowerdays there hasn't almoust possibility to go inside the gaves anymore

    There is only little place you can look the inside of the caves. There has all about 25 km (some sources said even 50 km) under the ground. But you can see the pictures and look from computer inside...

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