Põhjaka Manor

Põhjaka Manor in Järva County houses a catering place run by the principles of national cuisine using local raw materials and offering affordable, simple and delicious dishes. There are seats for 60 visitors. Passers-by and groups travelling along the Tallinn-Tartu road are both welcome.
Interesting to know: The history of the manor dates back to the 19th century. The list of dishes in the daily menu is published on the website. The time between 3:00 to 4:00 pm is a break in catering.

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  • KatrinJ_est KatrinJ_est
    Very nice place and great food

    Its so special place, old manor, which has still the old times atmosphere. Food is excellent and staff very friendly. You can take half portion for kids. If weather is nice, you can sit outside in...

  • Eve K Eve K
    Go back in time but be in present

    Go for an interior and meal but be sure to take your time! Pohjaka is simplicity in deep it's heart. They built the place from 0 and have kept going with hard work. Well done guys! I have tasted ice...

  • MSander MSander

    As located on the half way from Tallinn to Tartu I've visited this restaurant every summer. The menu hasn't changed much which could be good or not. In this case it's not good . It used to be...

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