Pub at Orjaku Port

The pub opened at Orjaku Port on the island of Hiiumaa offers nourishing food to those who come from and go to the sea; all visitors to Hiiumaa and local people are also welcome. While eating you can enjoy the view of Jausa Bay and yachts mooring at the port.
Useful to know: Use the opportunity to order a sea trip on a yacht.

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  • MSander MSander
    This is where locals go .

    And they do it for a good reason - the food is simple but very good. Whatever you go for , but try fish. It's always fresh and they know what to do with it. We had pan-fried flounder and it was...

  • littleforestpixie littleforestpixie
    Go where the locals go!

    Orjaku Pub offers a simple, but substantial menu. Our table of 4 were all happy with our meals. They offer an option of either roasted, deep fired or boiled potatoes on side. Not to be disappointed...

  • Erx_100 Erx_100
    Best value food at Hiiumaa

    The best food we had at Hiiumaa. Don't get me wrong, it's your average pub setting, but the food is just very delicious and the prices are just unbeatable. Keep up the good work! The setting is also...

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