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Puhtu Islet

Address: Puhtu tee, Virtsu alevik, Hanila vald, Lääne maakond | Show on map
Telephone: (+372) 472 4236
Website: External link

Puhtu is an oblong peninsula, which is barely half a kilometre wide. The surface of the southern part is formed mostly of shingle dunes on which a diverse broadleaf forest grows. The northern part of the peninsula, on the other hand, is much barer. There isn't that much forest here, more wooded meadows and reedbeds. There are roughly 60 different species of trees and bushes on the peninsula.
The spring migration of arctic birds is one of the thing that makes Puhtu unique in the whole world. Experienced bird watchers have managed to count close to a million migrating birds in one day!
Useful information: There's a ~500 year old oak and a ~300 old pine in Puhtu Park.

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