Puhtulaid is a narrow peninsula — it measures just 500 m across. The southern part of the peninsula is mainly covered in pebbly coastal ridges whose broadleaf forests are home to many different species. The northern end is more sparse, with less forest cover and more reedy marsh and meadows. You will find around 60 separate species of trees and bushes here.

Puhtulaid is a place unique in the world because of the migratory Arctic birds who stop here — experienced birdwatchers have counted almost a million birds in one single day here!
Useful information: Puhtulaid's forests boast pine trees that are up to 360 years old.

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Virtsu alevik, Hanila vald, Lääne maakond

Getting there

Puhtulaid, with its broadleaf forests and picturesque beaches, is just 3 km south-east of the Port of Virtsu. It is an islet in name only — a road will lead you to what is today a peninsula across the former bay.


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