Raft House

Raft House is a floating house on the Vigala River. It is the perfect place for those who love nature and peaceful surroundings. The hall has room for 36 people and we offer accommodation for 20 people. You can cook your own food in the kitchenette or have a barbeque. You can also bring your own food. There are hatches in the floor that can be opened if you want to try fishing. A raft sauna will come to the house at your request so you can relax in the sauna and refresh yourself in the river. The house can move into any nice, quiet curve of the river as requested by you. You can also go rafting or canoeing if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the river for longer.

Features and amenities


Tamme küla, Raikküla vald, Rapla maakond

Getting there

The Raft House is 68 km from Tallinn and 12 km from Rapla. From Rapla, drive towards Märjamaa and turn left at the sign for Tamme. From there follow the signs on the sign of the road to Tamme and 'Parvematkad'.


  • Signposted
  • By car
  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus


58°55'51''N 24°38'59''E | Download GPX file