Restaurant Amarillo

Restaurant Amarillo has a laid-back atmosphere and offers a fusion of hot Mexican food and the delicate flavours from the souther states of the US. Our margaritas are known all around town!

Sun terrace is open in summer — beach in the centre of town! 


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  • Gessen58_58 Gessen58_58

    Bit expencive for their offering

    I eat there every time I'm in town - BBQ ribs are pretty good, but bit expensive. Also, they were out of specific beer - Gold Saku, if I'm not mistaken. But overall - it's OK.

  • paul c paul c

    No mas

    I love good Mexican or Tex-Mex food, but have reluctantly concluded that there is no point in trying to find good Mexican food at high latitudes. I have sampled 'Mexican' restaurants in Norway...

  • CrossroadsObserver CrossroadsObserver

    Amarillo as any Amarillo in Finland

    If you - as a Finn - want to have safe, very basic "Mexican" restaurant experience, then Amarillo is ok choose for you. Location is great for Viru Center shopper.

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