Restaurant Baieri Kelder (the Bayer Cellar)

Restaurant Baieri Kelder (the Bayer Cellar) will offer the guests of hotel St. Barbara every morning with a rich breakfast buffet. As of noon you will be offered unique flavours, originating straight from Germany. Some businessmen have flown a helicopter from Helsinki to Tallinn for lunch to enjoy the delicious baked pork hock! Apart excellent food you will find an excellent choice of famous German barrelled beer from Baieri Kelders.

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  • Andrew A Andrew A
    Good food, reasonably priced

    The restaurant is located in the 1341 cellars of the building now occupied by the Santa Barbara hotel. Lots of beers to chose from, and well-prepared food.

  • taastusravi taastusravi
    If you like to eat, like the German, then select the Bavarian basement. You will not regret it.

    Baieri kelder is a world of fresh beer where the fragrant and heavy foam rises over the sparkling beer glasses, gourmet salads compete with toppings in originality and dishes from the stove Josper...

  • Kimmo V Kimmo V
    Great atmosphere, reasonable prices, good food & drinks

    Baieri Kelder is located inside St Barbara hotel. it is a German style bier stube restaurant offering nice variety of different beers and good food. It has also a nice outdoor bar area in back yard...

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