Restaurant Neh

Neh is the seasonal kitchen of the Pädaste Manor, located in Tallinn. It is a cosy bistro style foodie heaven that invites you to meet Estonia’s best culinary team whose true home is at the Pädaste Manor on Muhu Island.
In our city sanctuary, we continue to offer an experience of the cuisine of Nordic Islands by using produce from small farmers of the islands and keeping in mind the flavours of the season. Neh is a true home for foodies. Good taste is a requisite, yet prices are modest.

You can enjoy dinner here from Tuesday to Saturday.


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  • xgas xgas

    Best Estonian kitchen you can have in Tallinn

    One of the best restaurant where have been, Stuff is really really kind and lovely. Food is delicious. Because this is restaurant from island you have to eat fish there. Its art of food with big A...

  • Nunu-Mervi Nunu-Mervi

    Estonian kitchen: the best of it

    The restaurant is owned by the same people who manage Pädaste manor and it has a great kitchen as well. Lots of local food, fresh ingredients always, and old, traditional dishes in a new way. I've...

  • Andres_villomann Andres_villomann

    Good mix of Saaremaa and nice food

    Väga tore on olla köögis ja nautida kogu seda melu ja samas süüa väga head sööki. Just see peakoka pool on väga hea. Üks vein oli küll aegunud ,aga sai ilusti vahetatud ja kõik laabus.

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