Source: Puhka Looduses

Romantic canoe raft trip with torches in Taevaskoda

This romantic, torch-lit canoe raft trip is an exclusive opportunity to experience the peace and beauty of Taevaskoda, or to simply enjoy a night on the water. Large boats; a barbecue grill, picnic basket, fishing gear or photographic equipment are all allowed on board.

In a route that passes by tens of sandstone outcrops, through the Ahja River and by the enchanting reservoir of Saesaare, the romantic flickering torches set the mood, and your headlamps lead the way.

With a duration of 2–3.5 hours, depending on canoeing speed, the route is 6 km long and runs along the lovely Saesaare reservoir.

With room for up to 11 people, the rafts have plenty of space. The minimum group size is 8 people, and there are 3 rafts altogether

Features and amenities
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