Source: Saadjärve Jahtklubi

Saadjärve Yacht Club

The sailing and rafting themes are inspired by the Estonian national epic Kalevipoeg; the ride traces the main hero's tracks on the scenery (his "bed" on a hilltop, "slingstones" – erratic boulders in the lake and on the shore, and "furrows" – oval land formations).

Visitors can admire the manors of Kukulinna and Saadjärve and hear about their fascinating history. Next, the tour proceeds to the Äksi church and the important cultural figures related to it (O.W. Masing).

On the way back, an overview is given about local life and the development of the resort.

In addition, the yacht club offers possibilities to go motor boating, windsurfing and rowing, or to rent a raft sauna, a hot tub or a party tent.

Features and amenities
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