Saaremaa Museum

The Kuressaare episcopal castle, also known just as the Kuressaare Castle, was built in the 14th century. Today, the castle houses the Saaremaa Museum. The permanent exhibition about the history of Saaremaa is in the cloister of the upper floor and in two big halls. The permanent exhibition of contemporary history is made up of two parts. The exhibition "Saaremaa 1939–49", finished in 2005, is in the three halls of the north-eastern wing of the Castle. The exhibition "Saaremaa 1950–94", finished in 2011, is on the four floors of the Defence Tower. The department of Natural History of the Saaremaa Museum shows the bedrock, climate, coast, animals and birds of Saaremaa.

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  • fly22 fly22
    Museum closed

    I was only on Saaremaa for two days (Monday and Tuesday). While it was possible to wander around the grounds of the castle and the moat, the museum was closed. From 1 September it only opens...

  • AdventurePhiles AdventurePhiles
    Excellent history and displays.

    The history and displays here are wonderful! These include not only the history of people, but also an extensive wildlife exhibit. The number of artifacts contained in the museum is enormous and are...

  • westerntraveler2013 westerntraveler2013
    Missing something.

    This museum inside of Kuressaare Episcopal Castle has much interesting material and has been nicely restored. Most of the interpretive material is in Russian and Estonian but there are folders in...

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