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Sailing holiday on Haapsalu Bay and the Baltic Sea

Have a sailing holiday on Haapsalu Bay, the Väinameri or the Baltic Sea!

• Prices for trips start at 90 euros per 2 hours per group.
• The price is valid for the entire group, not for a single passenger!
• The group can consist of 1–10 people.
Mon–Thur, a 20% discount applies!

In addition, there are also 1 or 2 experienced crew members on board who guarantee a safe and comfortable journey and teach you a little about sailing.
Book a trip on our webpage!
In case of trips that are longer than 7 hours, e-mail us for a special price.

In order to sail:
* E-mail us the date and times when you would like to set sail.
* Let us know the size of your group. If you have any children, then how many and in what age.
* Leave us your name and phone number, so we could contact you if necessary.
* Let us know the precise details for an invoice.

After the invoice has been settled, you will receive instructions of how to come on your trip.
The order is valid after you have paid for the trip.

Features and amenities
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