Source: Iia Timmi

Saunamaa (Sauna Land) of Taevaskoja Salamaa

Taevaskoja Salamaa (Secret Land of Taevaskoja) now has its own Saunamaa (Sauna Land)!
We offer 3 completely different saunas.

We have the traditional healer of the bodies and souls of Estonians – a smoke sauna. The sauna is suitable for up to 8 participants, costing €100 per session.

Naturally, well-known Finnish sauna is waiting for visitors. The sauna has enough room for up to 15 people. It costs € 70/4h.

The most recent and innovative sauna must be our igloo sauna; its dome shape makes sauna steam a real experience. The igloo sauna is suitable for up to 6 participants; it costs € 35/3h.

All saunas need to be booked in advance.
In addition, there is a pond with a small beach, barbecue areas and you can order catering.

Features and amenities
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