Sculpture of Johann Voldemar Jannsen

On Rüütli street situates the modern city sculpture perfect example - the life-size sculpture of Johann Voldemar Jannsen, the father of Estonian journalism. Hard hat in one hand and newspaper in the other he is like stopped for a moment to peek into today's Pärnu Postimees office windows!
Interesting to know! According to belief touching the page of Perno Postimees in Jannsen's hand will bring you good news this day! Monument created by professor Mati Karmin was ordered by Pärnu Postimees for 150th birthday of newspaper Perno Postimees that first came out in 1857.

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  • Pekka S Pekka S
    ' Pärnu Postimees' himself.

    A Cheerful statue of Jannsen who wrote the words of the patriotic song "Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm", which later became the national anthem of Estonia. He played a crucial role in the Estonian...

  • mmikko mmikko
    A Historical statue

    A part of Pärnu history. The statue is located at old town. There is a information board a side of statue. Actually it is not much to see - is is just a statue.

  • 1Viktor1 1Viktor1
    History of Estonian litherature and language.

    Nice sculpture in the right place. Very important person in Estonian history and specially Pärnu newspaper "Pärnu Postimees". Children like very much this sculpture.

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