Seaplane Harbor Draws Over 30,000 Visitors

05. June 2012

The visitor count at Tallinn's new Seaplane Harbor museum, which opened its doors on May 12, has exceeded 30,000-mark, the institution announced today.

Making its home in a restored, early 20th-century seaplane hangar and nearby docks, the museum presents various artifacts from Estonia's maritime history including full-sized ships and a submarine. 

The majority of the visitors are locals, but the museum has also become a popular attraction among Finnish tourists, who make up a third of all guests. Visitors from Sweden, Germany, Russia and England are also common museum said in a statement.

The opening weekend of the museum, during which it was open admission-free for a 36-hour stretch, drew around 11,500 people. The establishment was also a popular destination for the nationwide Museum Night on May 19, with around 2,500 people dropping in. 

Despite the large crowds, the exhibits have held up well, with only a few incidents of vandalism found, the museum said.

Source: ERR