Seminar in Altmõisa

Altmõisa Guesthouse is located 100 km from both Tallinn and Pärnu and is especially suitable for a group – during the day, you can do some uninterrupted brainwork whereas in the evening you can all relax together.

In the main hall, you can hold a seminar for up to 80 people; we also have round tables.

In case of a seminar that lasts for several days, we can accommodate you in double and triple rooms; the guesthouse has 12 rooms, each with a distinctive style.

Lunch, dinner, coffee breaks and snacks are available on special order.

You can also hike on the hiking trails nearby with a guide or on your own.

From autumn till spring, you can do some bird-watching, visit a blacksmith's workshop, play outdoor games, have a natural cosmetics workshop, a yoga class, a sauna and sit in a barrel bath or hold a reception.

Features and amenities
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