Source: Seto Suksu Vankrimatkad

Seto Suksu Adventures

We would like to invite everyone on a fun carriage trip where you can learn about fascinating folk culture, military history and nature while travelling through the forests of Setomaa. The main key words characterising our carriage trips are Setomaa, Petseri shooting ground and Mustoja landscape protection area. The minimum duration of a trip is one hour but it can also take an entire evening if combined with a picnic or picking mushrooms. You can also invite along one of the best accordion players in Setomaa!

The carriage with enough room for up to 10 adults and a few more children is drawn by a stallion called Semu. In sunny weather, we'll let the leaves fall into the carriage; however, in rain, we are going to cover the carriage.

Features and amenities
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